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El Minja dog kennels and Lhasa Apso breeder has puppies for sale; check out our puppy pictures!

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The history of El Minja's started in 1975, in those days I was breeding Afghan hounds. on a trip to England visiting the famous Crufts Dog show, I saw the Lhasa Apso and fell immediately in love with them. As I was breeding Afghan hounds for me the nobility of the Lhasa Apso was the same. I always say, Lhasa Apso's are little Afghans, and really they are.

I very much enjoy the activity of the dog shows with the Lhasa Apso as a breed, especially the excitement and the entertainment of showing the breed. But the most interesting part for me and my husband Frank is breeding, I do like to breed Lhasa Apso's and the following is of great importance to me : the Lhasa type, typical head, sound movement, soundness in conformation overall and good density of coat. My husband likes the puppies very much and they all love him, they do because he always plays with them. The puppies know him very well, even when they are gone. When they return for visits they always remember my husband. Frank is a big support for me, he's a science animal geneticist and well-educated in veterinarian medicine, which helps me a great deal. 

In 1987 my first Lhasa Apso's arrived at my home, Nykita and Madonna, Nikyta is bred on pure Dutch lines (v/d Warwinckel) and Madonna English (Saxonspring) and American ( CH Dolsa Marlo Matador), I only bred twice with Nikyta, then I quit breeding with her. In her first litter she had two males, Karma and Agami, Karma became an International Champion and Agami was loved in a pet home although he was good enough to show. Madonna became my basic brood bitch, the foundation of my kennel for many years.

El Minja dog kennels and Lhasa Apso breeder has puppies for sale; check out our puppy pictures!


EL Minja's is a registered kennelname by the Federation Cynologique Internationale.

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lhasa apso, dog breeders, puppies for sale, dog kennels, breeds, puppy pictures El Minja's dog kennels and Lhasa Apso breeder has puppies for sale; check out our puppy pictures

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